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50 MBs WiFi internet connection

bbipThe Hotel Londra in Florence offers to its Guests a 50 MBs high speed Internet connection in optical fibre; this connection is complimentary and without limits in time and data download.
The 50 Mbs connection allows to connect several users without any slowdown and it is very dynamic using IP technology for videoconferences and teleconferences.
The hotel is totally WIFI cabled with an access system through unique password that you can complimentary receive at the hotel front desk.
The system allows the connection of all different peripheral devices, Smartphone-Table-Notebook, also using the same password on 2 different devices (for example PC-IPhone).
The Hotel Londra is the unique hotel in Florence offering a complimentary 50 MBs WiFi Internet connection and then it is the ideal accommodation for a business or a leisure trip in Tuscany.