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Florence # Theaters and Concerts

In Florence you can find around twenty theaters that spread from the small structures dedicated to the “vernacolo” comedies (acted in florentine dialect) to modern structures used for concerts and musicals, here’s a list:


Teatro della Pergola is the capital theater in Florence, temple of the prose and of classic drama production.

Teatro Verdi main location of the Orchestra of Tuscany, it is a small theater perfect for shows, concerts, events that need to be close to the public. It has a central location, very close to Santa Croce.

Teatro di Rifredi situated in the suburbs, it is the main location of the ‘Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione per l’Infanzia e la Gioventù’, the artistic direction of “Pupi & Fresedde” has built during the years a big recall for adults and children.

Teatro Puccini is the ‘off’ theater of Florence, a space that saw famous plays and comedians like Marco Paolini, Paolo Rossi, Beppe Grillo, Dario Fo, Franca Rame, Moni Ovadia, Lella Costa, Paolo Hendel, Antonio Albanese, Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo, Claudio Bisio, Paolo Poli, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Giorgio Panariello just to mention a few.

Mandela Forum is the sport palace of Florence, called like this in honor of the south african leader Nelson Mandela; it has always hosted sport events, concerts, shows, conferences, meetings and events. You can easily get there, it is only 150 meters away from the Campo di Marte railway station.

Obi Hall born as “Teatro Tenda” and sited right on the shores of the Arno river is today a multi-purpose room for music performances, shows and events.