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Florence #Golf&Sports

Here in Florence you can make any sport you want.

If you love golf, every year there is the Ponte Vecchio Golf Challenge, a competition of 3 days for experts, on a unique field: the Arno shores in front of Ponte Vecchio.

The city offers the following green fields:
Golf Club Parco di Firenze
Golf Ugolino

If you love tennis, we suggest:
Campi Tennis Visarno
Tennis Michelangelo
Tennis San Marco Vecchio

If you like running, Florence is the location of competitive and amateur runs like:

Firenze Urban Trail every year in March, a 13km run at night, completed in the following days by a 12 km run a 26km run and a 42 km run, all scheduled daytime.

Guarda Firenze
Every year in march, a 10 km run for runners or a 2km run for amateurs, lets every participant, from Florence or not, to have a nice run around the artistic beauties of Florence.

Corri la Vita every year in September you can join the found-raising run for the research and the improvement of specialized structures against breast cancer: you can run, walk, or simply buy and wear your T-shirt!

Notturna di San Giovanni
Every year to celebrate the Saint protector of the city there is a 10km run at night and a 4km amateur run for families.

Firenze Marathon every year in November 42 km e 195 meters with centuries of art, history and culture.

If you simply want to move a bit you can go to the Cascine park where you can rent bicycles and rollerblades.