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Florence #Kids

If you have decided to come to Florence with your family, you must know that Florence has the right dimension for kids and that there are a lot of activities that they, and you, will enjoy:


Museo Stibbert:  Mr Stibbert really liked weapons and armors, he has a hundreds collection, from every place and every time.

Palazzo Vecchio and Museo dei Ragazzi  here children can discover the life at the time of the Renaissance with visits, representations and dedicated laboratories.

Museo Archeologico:  a plunge in history, here you can find thousands of objects that the ancient used every day… you will also find an authentic mummy!

Museo della Specola:  it is one of the most ancient scientific museums of Europe, you will see a big collection of butterflies, jellyfish, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, fishes, kangaroos and monkeys.

Museo Galileo:  here you will find telescopes, astrolabes, globes and machines capable of optical illusions, together with a big calendar of laboratories suitable for every age.

Museo Leonardo da Vinci:  world and works of the Master, each of them recreated so that kids can play and interact.