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Florence #Cooking

You can choose to visit Florence even just because of its cuisine, only here you can find the high Florentine steak, cut and cooked in the proper way, flavored with our oil and accompanied by a glass of good Chianti! But our cuisine is “poor” so complete with fruit and every vegetable from the garden: ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, farinata of black cabbage, “panzanella”, “bruschetta”, legumes, a menu that can satisfy the vegetarians!


Florence offers a big choice of restaurants, pizza restaurants, typical trattoria, for every taste and every budget, but we are also famous for the “street food”: you must taste a sandwich with “lampredotto” in one of the stands around the city, or step by a “vinaino” for a toast with a good glass of wine!


If you are looking for something to bring home, step by:

Mercato Centrale:  structure made of iron and big glasses, situated in the heart of Florence, at the ground floor you will find the “botteghe” where you can buy florentine and italian specialties, while at first floor you will find the best of our cuisine, from the lampredotto sandwich to the florentine steak, going through a dish of pasta and a hot pizza.

Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio:  is situated in Piazza Ghiberti and you can find it every morning from Monday to Saturday, you can choose every kind of food, meat, fish fruit and vegetables or opt for a catering point.