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Florence #Medicean Villas

Villa la Petraia  is one of the most charming of the Medicean Villas thanks to its location, its painting decorations and its wonderful park.
Only a few kilometers far from Florence, it is the typical suburban residence, shelter for the Dukes from the fatigues of the city.
An old fortified building, that still has its tower and to realize the actual Villa and the surrounding fields were transformed into beautiful gardens.
The court of the Villa, covered in the 1800s, is decorated with paintings by Volterrano and Cosimo Daddi.


Villa di Castello  the Villa di Castello is one of the oldest suburban villas of the Medicean family. The favorite of Cosimo I, it was particularly cured and its garden was studied to celebrate the Prince’s power through the symbology of the statues, the fountains and of the caverns.
Nowadays the Villa is not opened to public (it is the quarter of the Crusca Academy) but you can visit the wonderful garden full of citrus and rare plants, decorated with antiques and sculptures from the Renaissance. Really impressive Extraordinar is the “Grotta degli animali” (cage of the animals) that was once full of water games.


Villa Demidoff When this Medicean Villa sited in Pratolino was destroyed in 1800 the park was bought by the russian family Demidoff that used other buildings of the garden as accommodation; you can only visit the park, one of the most beautiful in Tuscany, with a true english style & design.